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Our trained healthcare providers are ready to help you transform your understanding of health and vitality. Our goal is to help you discover the hidden emotional, chemical and physical stressors sabotaging your health and wellbeing. Our mission is to inspire people to jump at the idea to understand, harness and use the power of the bioenergy field. We make it easy to test, understand and bring balance to the hidden stressors that are found within your report results. The whole process consists of a onetime hair sample collection (in office or at home) and then you can order Remedy Tests anytime, anywhere online and you will receive your results in 7-10 business days or less.

we believe

Everything is energy

Each one of us is broadcasting either positive or negative vibrational energy into the world. This vibrational energy is mostly influenced by our mood/emotions/feelings. Most of the time we understand how these +/- emotions may affect those around us, but we never actually take the time to think about how they affect our overall health. Our emotional stress and past stressors play a vital role on how we physically feel day to day. It is time to take responsibility for our own emotions, energy and health.

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Who are we

We are one

Remedy Testing is a community of Natural Minded Healthcare Providers. We promise to provide high quality products to lead you on a true healing transformation. 

Remedy Testing Providers look at health Emotionally, Physically and Chemically.

Each phase of your healing journey is unlocked through our testing.

Our Providers help guide you in finding the right Natural Tests, Remedies and Tools to best fit your specific Healing Journey. We trust that your frequency will lead you on your path of health and vitality! You have an innate guidance system that knows the way as long as we remove the interference.

Each person's thoughts, emotions and intentions affect the way they heal individually and collectively.

While we do not claim to cure any specific illnesses, we do aim to assist your body in removing the imbalances & toxins that interfere with your body’s god given ability to heal itself, as it is designed to do. Bringing improved health results to the world without drugs or surgery.... ONE kit and ONE life at a time!

Why we do what we do

Humanity needs liberation from the western medical system, misguided information and corrupt media. It is time that alternative & natural information and technology bring forth a new and improved healthcare system. This can and will allow people the freedom to stand up for themselves, make their personal health choices, work together with their community, and heal their own sickness and dis-ease. We believe humans have a right to their own health information and to be able to make their own health choices and decisions without being restricted from any certain type of care.

The power that made the body, heals the body!

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Remedy Testing is looking for healthcare professionals to join the movement of transforming lives with quantum response technology to bring health and vitality across the nation.

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We are are faith based 50c1a non-profit private testing company working with natural healthcare professionals and their patients.