Why Connect a Provider

Why Connect a Provider

By connecting a Remedy Testing provider on your collection kit registration form you are granting them access to view your test results. You might want to share your test results with a Remedy testing provider because they can offer a deeper understanding of test results and their intention of them. Leverage an expert's understanding and interpretation. Overall this has the potential to improve your experience and satisfaction. 

Our Recommendation

At Remedy Testing we are a fan of freedom of choice. Our recommendation is to connect a provider if you are actively consulting with that provider and they referred you to our testing. They likely will have the intentions of supporting you on your Remedy Testing journey.

However, if you were not referred to Remedy Testing by a provider who has intentions of supporting you, we recommend you choose the alternative option. Select: "Send privately via email to me only" 

You Can Change This Later

At Remedy Test, the customer has complete control over their testing provider preferences and can update them at any time. This is achieved by simply emailing support@remedytest.org with the requested changes. This email-based process allows the customer to quickly and easily make updates to their testing provider preferences without having to navigate through any complicated systems or interfaces. The customer can change their testing provider preferences as often as they like, and can be confident that their updates will be promptly reflected in the system. With this level of control and flexibility, the customer can ensure that their testing provider preferences are always aligned with their specific needs and requirements.

Consider Reasons Not To Connect a Provider

There could be several reasons why someone might not want to share their test results with a Remedy Testing provider. Privacy concerns might be a major factor, as individuals may be worried about the security of their personal information. Additionally, they may not trust the provider to keep their results confidential. Furthermore, they might feel embarrassed or ashamed about their test results and not want to share them with anyone, even a testing provider. Some people might also feel that the results are not relevant to their health and are not worth sharing. Ultimately, the decision to share test results is a personal one and depends on individual circumstances and beliefs.

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