How to collect your hair sample?

Kit Instructions:


  • For best results, use dry clean hair. Hair can be trimmed from anywhere on the body. You do not need the root of the hair. If you are unable to collect hair, you may also trim finger or toenails. We also accept a saliva sample which can be achieved by using a cotton swab and rub the inside of each cheek for thirty seconds. Place the cotton swab in a sealed baggy and submit.


  • We need approximately the amount of hair the size of a quarter. More hair is better than less. See image on your kit ID card as a guide.


  • Please place your hair sample into the sample collection 2x2 inch baggy, seal the bag and write your full name on the bag.


  • Place the Hair Samples and the ID card into the return prepaid return envelope after you have made your purchase online and placed your confirmation number on the front of the card.


  • Submit activation form here:

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