Functional Medicine with Dr. Katelyne Allen

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Katelyne Allen has joined our team of in-house professionals. Dr. Allen is an expert in functional medicine with a passion for assisting individuals in achieving optimal health and wellness via individualized care and Remedy Testing.

Consultation options

As a practitioner of functional medicine, Dr. Allen takes a holistic approach to healthcare, focusing on the whole client and all potentials as opposed to merely caring for symptoms. She assists customers in identifying and addressing imbalances in the body and understanding the potential energetic stressors that may be leading to health problems.

Dr. Allen now offers virtual consultations for patients who prefer the convenience and flexibility of receiving care from the comfort of their own homes. Through virtual consultations, Dr. Allen will review the findings of your Remedy Test results and recommend lifestyle modifications to promote optimal health.

We are happy to welcome Dr. Allen to our team and are convinced that her knowledge and compassionate treatment will be of great benefit to our patients. To make an appointment with Dr. Allen purchase from the consultations page.