The Truth About Humanity

The Truth About Humanity

The water supply is contaminated

The food supply is full of poison and mostly fake

We suppress symptoms with over the counter and prescriptions

We are nutrient deficient

We over consume

We inject our bodies with unnatural substances

The air is full of pollution

We are scared of the sun and wear sunscreen

We don't exercise enough 

We sit in front of technology all day

Drugs like alcohol and caffeine are not avoided, but embraced.

We are disconnected from our human instincts and nature

We discount the knowledge of our ancestors

We live in a corporate slave system

Our medicine is based on man-made toxic substances

We lather our bodies in harmful chemicals 

We have unresolved emotional traumas

We are in a constant state of fight or flight

We breathe quick and shallow

Electro-magnetic radiation is all around us

Our minds are indoctrinated by outside resources 

Most of all, we don't put our thoughts and emotional health first

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