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Remedy Testing Provider Accounts are business accounts for any certified or licensed health professionals to purchase, promote and deliver the RemedyTesting services directly to their clients. Our Providers aim to revolutionize the way the world looks at healthcare and transform the mindset of our clients and communities. 

As a Provider, you can offer our testing services directly to your clients, providing them with accurate and timely results. With this account, you'll have exclusive rights and responsibilities to deliver test results, offer in-person or virtual reports of finding consultations and recommend the supplement regimen to your clients. This is an excellent opportunity for you to expand your practice and offer a wider range of services to your clients.

Here are just a few benefits of working with Remedy Testing:

  1. Exclusive rights to deliver test results: As a provider, you'll have exclusive rights to deliver test results to your patients and curate follow-up care plans based on those results. This allows you to provide personalized and comprehensive care to your patients.

  2. Marketing and sales support: Our team provides marketing and sales support, including brochures, product information, and training to help you effectively promote and sell our services to your patients.

  3. Increased patient satisfaction: By offering Remedy Testing health services at your practice, you'll be able to provide your patients with a wider range of options for improving their health and wellness. This can lead to increased patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Apply for a Provider account today and start making a difference in your patients' lives.


Application fee: The $20 application fee payment is 100% reimbursable in your first professional order with a discount code. This fee is not refundable.

Additional Charges Required: By applying for a Remedy Testing Provider account you understand that there are additional charges to become a provider.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions; we will be happy to assist before you pay the application fee.

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