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our mission

To help 1,000,000 humans activate their quantum healing abilities to live an abundant life by increasing their consciousness & God-given ability to heal themself and the world.

How it works

1. Order your test online or purchase from one of our providers.

2. Follow instructions in kit, collect your hair sample and return it to our testing facility.

3. Receive your results directly from your provider within 7-10 business days.

Our philosophy

E-Motion = Energy Motion

Everything is Energy! When physical, chemical or emotional energy is stuck, stagnant or in low vibration, we can become sick, have symptoms or even be diagnosed with some dis-ease. Our emotions and feelings are in direct relation to how we feel and function at the physical level. We are all energetic beings moving in the direction of Health/Vitality or in the direction of Sickness/Dis-ease. Our technology and testing bring awareness to the importance of raising our vibration for the healing journey to begin!

The concept of finding the hidden challenges and getting to the root-cause teaches us that no two people are alike —even if they suffer from the same dis-ease.

How are we different?

Well, when it comes to most other treatments, even some holistic and natural medicine practitioners often reach for the same protocols to treat different patients.

We actually ask your body what the best energetic match for you is. Your regimen and guided recommendations are unique to you. This is customized healthcare.

Leading-edge science is demonstrating that old or inherited traumas, stress levels, and even your current temperament can give us the keys to unlocking your unique ability to heal.

This means you can more effectively map your unique energetic blueprint for healing, cutting healing time down drastically by getting to the root cause right from the start.

If you’re wondering how, you can possibly begin to discover your unique energetic blueprint and increase vibration in your bio-energy field for optimal health and energy, you’re in the right place.

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