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Frequently Asked Questions

What changed March 11th, 2022?

We updated our systems and processing to ensure that we can deliver our loyal customers reports faster than ever before. Each client only needs to submit one collection kit and one activation form (green) to have an account properly set up. Allowing the client to order a follow up test, fill out the follow up form (pink) and receive their report in almost half the time.

How do I know if I already submitted my samples?

If you have submitted samples and received results from us in the past, then you have already submitted to our testing facility and do not need to submit again. Just place your order, marked Submitted Previously, and complete the Returning Client (pink) form. We will then start to process your order and you will receive a copy of your results when they are ready.

If I complete the wrong form what will happen?

If you fill out the wrong form or complete a form incorrectly, our team will contact you at the cell phone number or email address you provided to update any information that we think may be wrong.

Where is my 4-digit order number?

The 4-digit order number required in both forms will be associated to the order you placed online or will be given to your by your provider.