Collecting Your Sample

Simple and non-invasive hair collection.


When a customer activates their collection kit and successfully sends in their sample, they will automatically receive a Confirmation Document via email, which states the customers will receive 12 month access to order Remedy Test results.

When a customer scans the QR code inside of the collection kit and registers it with their personal information it will automatically send a confirmation email containing the following information: 

Each customer will receive a reference number, which will be sent in their confirmation email, that associates the hair sample that was submitted that is testable for 12 months. 


Processing Guide:

Expected Launch Date: August 1st, 2022

Step One: Order Collection Kit

Go to and place an order for a collection kit.

Step Two: Collect Your Sample

Using clean scissors have the client cut the accurate amount of hair, and place it in the Ziploc. 

Step Three: Activate Your Collection Kit

Scan the unique QR code on the inside of the collection kit and complete the online to register it.

Step Four: Receive A Confirmation Document

After you activate the kit you will instantly receive a document granting you access to 12 months on-demand results.

Step Five: Return Collection Kit

Once you have placed your hair sample inside of the ziploc, place that ziploc into the return poly mailer included, and attach the prepaid postage label. Properly seal, then drop off at your local post office.

Step Six: You Will Get A Notification Once We Receive Your Hair Sample

Once the technician receives your hair sample, you will automatically receive an email notification alerting you that your sample submission was a success.

Step Seven: Place Order For Tests

Sign into your account on using the same email address when you activated the collection kit. Click on the menu button "Order Tests" to view your Remedy Testing options and place your order.

Step Eight: Results Turnaround Time

Within 5 business days your results will be ready and will be sent to your practitioner. Your practitioner will grant you access to see your results or will request a consultation.