What is Remedy Testing?

Remedy Testing is an at-home or in-office health testing company, utilizing quantum technology to detect energetic disharmony within the body. Send us a hair sample and we will send you a comprehensive health analysis in 7-10 days. There are over +100 office locations that promote Remedy Testing.

How accurate are our tests?

We do not claim to meet any level of accuracy. Our tests are based on energetic and quantum processing. We strive to deliver the highest probability of resonating or non-resonating frequencies. Remedy Testing does not claim or intend to diagnose, heal or cure any condition, illness or disease. 

Who is Remedy Testing for?

Any age human or animal capable of submitting a collection kit sample. Since ordering is available 24/7 online and the collection process is flexible and non-invasive, anyone can utilize Remedy Testing.

Is my information private and secure?

Yes. Your information is secured in our encrypted cloud database and will never be shared or sold.

Ordering Process

Do I have to order through a healthcare provider?

Yes. Currently, you need to place orders connected to your Remedy Testing provider.

How to use a referral link or QR code?

Referral links will be easy to click on in a text message, social media post, email, on a landing page and by using your smartphone camera app to scan a QR code. These are very simple ways for our providers to refer you to order Remedy Testing.

How to place order?

Once you have made it to our Test Menu you can select a test, choose your preferences, add to cart, complete the form, and add your payment details. Once you have received your order number and confirmation email you will know that your order has been placed.

Why is my order number important?

Your order number is required when you are activating your collection kit. It is also required if you need support from our team about that specific order.

What is the difference from ordering in-office or at-home?

If you are ordering your Remedy Tests in office you can expect your provider to assist you in the selection and ordering process. This will ensure that everything is done correctly. If you are ordering at-home we have made it easy to go to our website 24/7 and place an order.

What notifications will you send me?

After your order is received you will receive a confirmation email with your order number. Once your test results are ready, you will be notified by your provider.

Collection Process

What is a collection kit?

 We refer to a collection kit as the ID card, ziploc baggie, envelope, and postage.

Is Remedy Testing a hair analysis?

Yes. That is the primary sample we recommend and collect from individuals if available. Note: There is more information below about what to do if collection of the required amount of hair is not an option.

How do I get a collection kit?

You will receive a collection kit from your provider in person or you will need to select the option when you are ordering a Remedy Test.

Does the hair need to be from my head?

No. The hair can be from anywhere on the body as long as it is a sufficient amount.

What if I am bald?

The hair can come from any part of the body. If you do not have any hair, you can submit a cotton swab soaked in your saliva into the ziploc.

What if my hair is dyed?

That is totally okay.

What if the child is an infant?

The best collection method for instants is swabbing the inside of their mouth with a cotton swab (thoroughly soaked) and placing that back into the ziploc.

Where do I ship my samples to?

You will use the pre-paid mailing label OR you can create postage to our address:


Saint Michael, Minnesota 55376


How soon will my results be ready?

Your results will be ready in under two weeks.

What format will my results be viewed in?

You will receive an email containing a PDF file and your provider may ask for an in person consultation where a printed copy will be available.

Do we offer service 100% virtually?

Yes. In the last 2 years we have made everything to be done virtually and it is best to work directly with your provider to determine the best communication methods.

What is my "regimen" and should I order it?

The regimen is an all natural supplement recommendation of 1-6 products that our testing detected would be a good match for you. 

How often should I retest?

Every 3 to 6 months is the timeframe that we find best to have a complete re-test. For individual tests we recommend you order 1 per month.


How do I contact support?

How fast do I get a response

You will receive a professional response in 1-2 business days.