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Dr. Kristina Backenstose

Remedy testing has been an amazing experience.

It addresses, answers and guides you to a much better understanding of your overall health in all aspects. It explains the mind-body connection and how your emotions control everything in your life. I couldn’t ask for a better overall test to enlighten me on my journey to better health. The remedies it recommends at the end are great and the whole team over at the Remedy testing center is amazing and very helpful on this journey you will embark on that no other company out there has or does. Traditional medicine does not fix us and this test allows you to take control of your own health and well being. Highly recommend to everyone to start their own wellness journey and do this test!

Donna Perillo

Remedy Testing is so comprehensive.

It allows me and my patients to really key into what is going on on many levels of stress. The physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, nutritional and environmental stressors. Also the hormones. The key is balance and harmony.

Dr. Kayla Abeid

If you're looking to go beyond the surface.

As a professional who utilizes Remedy Testing within my practice, I cannot recommend it enough. I have worked with over 200+ clients through remedy testing over the last two years and tirelessly see consistent breakthroughs of healing within the pediatric and women's health populations I specialize in. Take a deep dive into the root of the emotional thought matrix of that which is YOU, say no more and choose Remedy Testing!

Rachcel Bouska

I highly recommend Remedy Testing!!

Remedy Testing has been amazing not only for my family, but also for my patients. I highly recommend Remedy Testing!!