Help Center

Big Updates

We are pleased to announce after 2 years the launch of our new website, new quantum response technology, faster turnaround times, streamlined processes and more. If you have questions please contact us and you will get a response promptly. 

New Customer

All purchases require a customer account at checkout. This is how you will be able to quickly check your order confirmation numbers (#'s), order receipts, tracking status and edit any associated shipping addresses. It is very important to use one unique email per individual customer who purchases our Remedy Test products. That way our team can analyze every order and quickly get you your test results.

Hair Collection

You will submit approximately 1" inch of hair. Using quantum response technology to scan your hair, we can generate current test results within a matter of days. 

If you need to order a collection kit, please order here otherwise your healthcare provider may have given you one.

Account Activation

Every customer will need to activate their account to receive test results. This is done by completing an online form at the same time of hair collection. This form will gather all accurate information, preferences and status of each individual purchasing our testing. The form answers will be shared with the your healthcare provider only.

Test Menu

All orders will be placed online and test results will be sent to your healthcare provider. If you need to order a collection kit, please order here otherwise your Remedy Testing provider will provide you with one.

Results Ready

Once your results are ready they are going to be sent to your provider. They will connect with you to get you the results and review the findings with you. The turn around time to receive your first test results will be roughly 7-14 once your samples are received. Please do not contact us unless it has been over 14 days.


Our providers are great at solving complex health issues and getting to the root of what is going on with your health. Make time with your Remedy Testing healthcare provider to get all of your questions answered. Make sure you respond to your healthcare practitioner when they reach out to you. That is the best way to get your questions answered.


Some of our testing products include recommendations such as additional testing, coaching, natural supplements, gems, crystals, essential oils and other natural therapeutics. Please ask your RemedyTesting provider if they are able to help you place orders for these recommended products or services. 


We are a collective of healthcare practitioners serving our patients; we use quantum response health testing with natural supplement recommendations and accountability.