Remedy Testing

How It Works

Remedy Testing is a bioenergetic health testing company offering remote or on-site quantum health results and information to clients across the United States through our exclusive network of providers. Our health tests do not diagnose or treat any individual, nor claim to meet any level of accuracy. We strive to deliver the highest probability of resonating or non-resonating bioenergetic insights that help identify the clients health priorities. They are to be used as an educational tool only.

The quantum technology we use to capture your bioenergetic signature only requires clients to activate and submit one collection kit. This will clients access to order retests anytime. 

Our network of providers across the United States is allowed to choose the resale offer and price of our testing services in-office. This means that if you are placing your order directly from your provide they may had different fees. Some providers will offer follow up appointments and recommendations; while some providers may not. Please speak with your referring provider to discuss the your best options.