Why you would want to Remedy Test and what you would learn about yourself.

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The collective of health professionals and doctors called RemedyTesting Providers across the United States are here to improve our healthcare system with natural and non-invasive solutions to modern problems. We aim to revolutionize the way the world looks at healthcare and transform the mindset & health outcomes of individuals to be result driven, while providing an all natural approach and granting every client access to their health information.


How Do I Collect My Hair & Saliva Samples?

What is Remedy Testing?

We are a team of healthcare professionals obsessed with helping humans live a more Vital Life! 

RemedyTesting helps humans live longer, with more energy. We give individuals access to their health information, professional support and recommended natural supplements.

How does Remedy Testing work?

The cells in our body store an immense amount of information. Just about everything we come into contact with daily is stored within the cells(our dna blueprint), which also include any food sensitivities, toxins, emotions, and stressors. These emotional and environmental stressors affect our quality of life and energetic pathways. The good news is we can access the information stored in our body through hair and saliva samples.


Hair follicles grow from our body and contain bioenergetic patterns from our past all the way to present. These information patterns can include resonating toxins, viruses, parasites, molds, bacteria, heavy metals, heavy chemicals, nutrients, emotional blockages, organ distortions, and cellular stress throughout the body. Because every person has a different experience and blueprint and lives in a different environment, each hair sample is unique to that individual. Hair samples can even be used to determine blood relatives and genetic disorders as well. That’s why you often see hair used as evidence in criminal investigations, although this type of testing is very different from what our bioenergetic testing looks for.


Each samples provide information about hormones, nutritional deficiencies, food and environmental sensitivities, body system functions, infections and much more. We can even test your samples and tell you which supplements/herbs/homeopathics you resonate the best with. Hair and saliva tests are one of the most popular bioenergetic testing methods because they have the means to provide a comprehensive overview of the body and how well it’s energetic pathways are working together, without being overly intrusive. Simple~Safe~Effective

How does our testing technology work?

We use a biofeedback device that uses quantum technology based on the patents and technologies of physicist, Nikola Tesla.This technology scans the energetic fields from the client’s samples and then determines where the stressors are and creates a 100% natural regimen that communicates and stimulates the immune system to Self-Balance.

What is Quantum Biofeedback? 

Biofeedback is a mind-body technique that helps teach clients how to influence their autonomic nervous system-the part of the body that controls involuntary physical functions such as blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and brainwave frequency. Discovering any stressors can thus help the client navigate their internal response and develop a sense of how to move in a positive direction. Our technology uses a multi-layered approach: energetic, mental, emotional and physical. In order to affect the physical aspect of a cell, you must first address the energetic field surrounding the cell. To re-pattern and re-program the energetic field surrounding a cell, organ, system or physical body, the energetic-mental-emotional-physical components must be addressed simultaneously.

Prevention recommendations can be made based on the test reports. Our testing is designed to check health and sub-health in a swift and non-invasive way. It has the advantages of completeness, practicality, and simplicity... etc. With the depth and development of scientific research, it will make a greater contribution for the cause of human health, having a broad development and application prospect.

What makes us unique?

While there are hundreds of companies that sell health testing, there are few that sell bioenergetic health testing. Within those, there are fewer that train and grow a network of healthcare professionals to support clients with the findings. Making us unique because we take the time to work with real health professionals and their communities.

Testing disclaimer

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