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Thank you for trusting Remedy Testing. Our mission is to shift the paradigm of healthcare from dis-ease management to the promotion of early detection, natural remedies and lifestyle improvements. We strive to be a customer focused brand that focuses on the core issues that we believe humans endure and experience. Many of our customers are working directly with natural practitioners - who will enhance your Remedy Testing experience. This letter is to promote important customer information and business insights. You will understand how things are processed, what you can expect and more about us a brand.

Description of Services: Remedy Testing is a wellness support health testing company providing quantum health results and information to clients across the United States. Most importantly our health reports do not diagnose an individual but rather offer high probability insights that help identify the priorities. Our testing services are to be used as an educational tool for the individual testing and their healthcare practitioner. Our testing is for anyone (infant to elderly) and based on hair or saliva samples being submitted to our testing location. Once we have received your sample we will capture your energetic frequency and start your annual access membership. You will receive a letter in the mail with a member ID card associated with your personal and membership information. Much like an insurance card that you would typically carry around.  Remedy Testing requires that you submit a saliva or hair sample using the official collection kit provided to you by your healthcare practitioner or by ordering online. This is a simple non-invasive collection that is for anyone from infant to elderly. 


Purpose of Remedy Testing services: Remedy Testing operates as a wellness service for individuals to order their in-office or at-home hair or saliva collection kit(s) to begin their bioenergetic testing service that is good for up to 12 months. Once a customer has successfully submitted their sample, they become an established account in good standing (“Member”) and are granted access to order reports on demand for the duration of their membership. Members will receive access to on-demand reporting and consultation options. Remedy Testing does not treat, diagnose or cure any dis-ease. Our testing services are to be used as educational tools that promote holistic awareness. Our reports strive to provide the highest probability of resonating and non-resonating frequencies which are depicted as your results. We do not claim to meet a certain standard of accuracy. But rather, promote unwavering belief and open mindedness the the information that is displayed for you.


Sample Collection: Remedy Testing is a non-invasive test for any individual from infant to elderly. Our collection kit standard is a Collection Tube that has a Mouth Piece and Cap used for collecting an individual's Saliva. In some cases an individual may not be able to produce saliva, so we encourage a Hair Sample placed into the same container will suffice. Collection kits can be ordered online at or directly from any of the Remedy Testing Providers that can be found on our website. Depending on the method of your collection you will either be provided with a Return Envelope with Prepaid Post to send your samples to our testing location, or the healthcare practitioner you are working with will collect the sample from you and send it in on your behalf. On average it takes about 3-5 business days for all one-way shipping. 


Account Creation, Customer Account and Passwords: Subject to your compliance with the terms of this Agreement, Remedy Testing grants you a personal, limited, terminable, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to access our Site and use the Services. It is required that you use the same email to checkout on our website, that you used to activate a collection kit. Your account orders and all related information will be found in your customer account on All clients that have submitted their collection kit successfully and have accounts in good standing will be granted access to place orders for Reports On-Demand. This is a service that will drastically increase the turnaround time for all digital reports. Members will be granted access to locked pages on our site and an application to view their health report. Members receive dedicated customer support, options to consult with healthcare practitioners, and more.


Do you want to close your account? You can email to close your account and to request any + all customer information be removed that we would have on file. You may be required to provide reason and proof of identity. Use the subject line: CLOSE MY ACCOUNT