Healthcare providers of the future.

We are a collective of healthcare practitioners serving our patients; quantum response health testing with natural supplement recommendations and accountability.

We are ready to onboard any healthcare practitioner into our next round of enrollment starting November 1st

How It Works

Step One

Refer your clients online or in your office to purchase their test through

Step Two

Provide your clients any support they need to collect their samples, upload health forms or return their samples.

Step Three

Once your clients test results are ready you will be notified and then results will be shared with your client.

There is a higher power that has designed all of us and everything. The more aware we are and the more we assist that power with high vibrational foods, healthy and safe balancing frequencies of nutrition, teachings and wisdom of emotional and spiritual health, and removal of interferences, the greater our experience here on earth can be!  We can serve any age individual with an easy in office or at home hair test that analyzes the wellness.

Our Provider Map

Create a ripple of health and wellness in your community and beyond.

If you are a healthcare provider that believes there is a higher power working through our body, this may be for you.  Our company is based on the principals that innate intelligence is alive and working within all living systems. The less stress and interference in the system, the higher the vibrational energy is to assist the system. Almost all symptoms, sickness and dis-ease stems from emotional/spiritual/chemical and physical stressors. So if you are stuck with some of your clients or doing everything you can and they are still struggling........we can help you find those hidden stressors and help your clients by assisting them with education and taking responsibility for their own health.

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