Welcome to remedy testing.

We focus on helping people identify energetic toxins, stressors and sensitivities that limit their natural healing ability. Highest potential is a term often used to refer to what is possible. We believe that human beings are supposed to feel good everyday - riding the waves of our highest vibrating thoughts and actions. All of which have the self and collective best interest at heart. The power we all have is to create our own Universe and most of us can't even get out of our own way.

Goodbye, doctor visits.

Instead of relying on hospitals for possible underlying problems, we offer an (at-home) hair and saliva health test. Remedy Testing understands the current issue of lack of health information. We believe everyone should have access to their own health information, and eliminate the stress of going into a doctors office. 

A comprehensive health report, at a fraction of the cost.

Everyone knows going to the doctors is an unpleasant experience, and unfairly expensive. Our tests start at just a couple hundred dollars and you are able to obtain an 8 to 12 page comprehensive health report. It goes over your 14 main body systems and important organs.

Welcome to the future of your health

Be a part of the movement. The future of health is just beginning and we want to inspire everyone to take their health seriously. Having access to your personal health information is what the world needs. It helps anyone understand their body's current status, and how to create your ideal life by feeling good again!