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At Remedy Testing, our focus is on providing insights through comprehensive bioenergetic testing services from a hair sample. We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge about their bodies and aiding in their personal wellness journeys. We emphasize that our services should not be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. We encourage our clients to make informed healthcare decisions in consultation with professionals, ensuring a holistic approach to health and well-being.

With our easy-to-use collection kit, you can conveniently collect the hair (or saliva) sample needed for our bioenergetic testing process. Once you have successfully registered the kit and shipped it back to our testing center we can start your Remedy Testing.

The Complete Report

Review whats included:


This section evaluates how well your organs are performing and what areas of the body need attention. This section assesses your organ functions, highlighting areas that need attention. An underactive score may indicate emotional impacts on organ performance, while an overactive score often suggests physical stressors. These insights guide you towards targeted strategies for optimal organ health.

Food Sensitivities

This section looks at over 350 foods, beverages, and substances that your body may have a sensitivity to or intolerance to. Level 1 GREEN items are safe to consume, while Level 2 YELLOW items should be consumed in moderation to prevent developing an intolerance. Level 3 RED and Level 4 DARK RED items signal high to very strong intolerances, respectively, suggesting a need for caution and awareness when consuming these foods.


This section evaluates your body's balance of vitamins and nutrients, providing insights into your nutritional status. A low response indicates a deficiency, suggesting the need for dietary changes or supplementation. A neutral response signifies a well-balanced nutritional intake, indicating that your dietary habits are meeting your body's needs. Conversely, a high response points to an excess of certain nutrients, which may necessitate a reduction or adjustment in your diet.

Heavy metals

This section identifies potential heavy metals in your system, offering a strategy for detoxification. Level 1 GREEN indicates low sensitivity, while Level 2 YELLOW moderate sensitivity. Levels 3 RED and 4 DARK RED highlight items causing high intolerance or strong adverse reactions, signaling the need for heightened awareness and removal of heavy metals


This section identifies potential toxins in your system, offering a strategy for detoxification. Level 1 GREEN indicates low sensitivity, while Level 2 YELLOW moderate sensitivity. Levels 3 RED and 4 DARK RED highlight items causing high intolerance or strong adverse reactions, signaling the need for heightened awareness and removal of toxins.


In the Burdens Section, scoring ranges from low to high to indicate the level of environmental toxins present in your body. A low score suggests minimal presence, implying limited exposure and potentially less need for detoxification. A moderate score indicates no effort is needed. On the higher end, a significant score signals a substantial presence of environmental toxins, highlighting the need for more focused detoxification strategies to address these burdens effectively.


This section focuses on the health and functionality of your thyroid, including its hormone production and regulation. A low response indicates potential underactivity (emotional stressor). A neutral response signifies that your thyroid function is within normal limits, indicating healthy thyroid activity. On the other hand, a high response may point to overactivity (physical stressor), which could require specific lifestyle adjustments.


This section assesses the balance of hormones in your body, crucial for overall health and well-being. A low response in this section suggests a deficiency in one or more hormones, potentially requiring lifestyle changes. A neutral response indicates that your hormone levels are within a healthy range, reflecting hormonal balance. A high response, however, signifies elevated hormone levels, which might necessitate further adjustments in lifestyle and diet.


This section explores the condition of your chakras, or energy centers, and their connection to your health. An underactive chakra typically indicates an emotional imbalance, reflecting potential emotional health issues or stressors. A balanced chakra signifies a state of harmonious energy flow, often linked to general well-being. In contrast, an overactive chakra is usually associated with physical imbalances, suggesting an excess of energy that might manifest in physical symptoms or discomfort, requiring focused attention and rebalancing.


This section offers an in-depth analysis of your vital energy, essential for healing, transformation, and personal expression. It evaluates your consciousness level and provides a brain balance score, with lower scores often indicating emotional aspects that may need attention, and higher scores pointing to physical aspects. These insights are key to understanding your mental and emotional health, directing you to areas that could benefit from targeted improvement. 


This section identifies the dominant emotions, mental conflicts, and subconscious programs that significantly influence your body's ability to express health. It focuses on high resonating scores, which highlight the most impactful psychological factors currently at play. These insights are crucial for understanding and addressing the deeper emotional and mental aspects that may be affecting your overall well-being, guiding you towards greater self-awareness and health optimization.

Personalized Recommendations

Your Regimen

Alongside every Complete Test, we offer a personalized regimen, recommending specific vitamins, herbs, and homeopathic remedies tailored to your unique needs. These recommendations are carefully selected from high-quality sources such as DesBio and Energetix, ensuring that you receive products that align with your test results. Please note that these recommended products are available for additional purchase, allowing you to easily integrate them into your health routine for optimal benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Dina H.

Quick turnaround!

It was a quick turn around sooner than promised

Courtney H.

Insightful and helpful!

Excellent test. Very thorough and gives great insight into the body and how I can improve my health.

Rachel B.

Remedy Testing has been amazing

Remedy Testing has been amazing not only for my family but also for my patients. I highly recommend Remedy Testing!!

Andrea H.

Incredibly intuitive

Team is incredibly intuitive with their approach. They were spot on and I noticed instant relief. Highly recommend this service.

Nichole Q.

Great testing and customer service

I love using remedy testing on my self and my practice members! It is so insightful and a great tool to work towards better health.

Jeanne M.


I'm fairly new to Remedy Testing. The results me and my patients have experienced so far have been eye-opening and exciting. This tool has the ability to "peel back the layers of the onion" of healing like nothing else I've used. It allows the body to tell us what it needs. I'm looking forward to continued excellent outcomes for me and my patients!

The company's founder, Dr. Angie Pufahl, is on a mission to change the healthcare industry by using quantum health testing and quantum physics principles to help patients.
Remedy Testing’s testing process is non-invasive and can be done either in-person at their testing center in Albertville, Minnesota, or through their at-home collection kit.
The technology behind Remedy Testing works by taking measurements of the body's electrical, magnetic, and energy fields. By analyzing these measurements, the technology can detect energetic imbalances within the body that cannot be found through conventional testing methods.
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Write some content about what they says about your store.