Collection Kit

$9.99 $29.99

Tests must be ordered separately.

Start your Remedy Testing experience by submitting your hair sample. We will ship you a small discreet package with instructions on how to do so. After trimming a small chunk of hair, you must activate your collection kit before submitting it. You will activate your kit by scanning the QR code marked active. Complete the online form, and you are all set to use the return postage and send our testing center your samples.

When your hair sample arrives at our testing center, you will receive your first notification that your kit has been received. Then, we will place your hair onto the surface of our testing device and begin the initial scan. After the scan is over, we dispose of your hair sample. During this initial scan, our testing device will capture your unique bioenergetic signature, after the short scan is complete, we will send you an additional email to let you know that we processed your hair sample and will begin working on your test results if you have ordered them. 

Your unique bioenergetic signature will live on in our testing device and software, allowing us to run updated tests in the future, even if you don't submit another hair sample. Suppose you have already received an email that stated your hair sample was processed. In that case, any test results you order from the Test Menu will be generated and delivered within 1-7 business days, with zero shipping required. 

*Conventional science, especially medical science, does not accept techniques and processes that are not repeatable, which is a problem for most bioenergetic devices. Conventional science cannot grasp that these devices may be working on a quantum level, so the entire framework of how to evaluate them must be different.