Complete ReTest

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The Complete ReTest is the comprehensive bioenergetic testing solution, and your reports will include energy analysis, organ performance, food sensitivities, nutrition, hormonal imbalances, heavy metals, and toxins. In addition, you will receive the inner wisdom test report ($149 bonus value), and your practitioner will recommend your natural vitamins, minerals, herbs, or homeopathic regimen ($49 bonus value).

  1. Complete Sample Report
  2. Inner Wisdom Sample Report

How does a ReTest work?

What makes Remedy Testing particularly convenient is its ability to perform the Quantum Response analysis remotely. Which means, once a client has submitted their initial sample, they can be re-tested at any time in the future and receive real-time results. So regardless of the client's location, the hair/saliva sample that created a biosignature blueprint in the quantum software, acts as a representative of their biofield.  This allows for a comprehensive analysis of their energetic patterns and imbalances without needing to re-submit their sample again.

Additionally, the time lapse since the initial scan does not hinder the effectiveness of the Quantum Response test. The energetic information captured from the first initial scan remains valid and relevant, as it represents a snapshot of the client's biofield in real time. This innovative technology not only saves time and effort for both clients and practitioners but also ensures that clients can receive prompt and reliable updates on their wellness journey. By eliminating the need for an additional intake scan, we streamline the testing process, providing a more efficient and convenient experience for all.