Energy Test


Each energy system caters to a specific center of organs, glands, neurons, and bodily functions. Which also relate to specific spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical aspects of our being. It is said that the blockage or malfunction of these energy systems can cause physical, psychological and emotional disorders. 

Note: This is the first section of the complete test.

Whats Included: Preview (PDF)


  • Vital Energy for healing
  • Life Force for Expression
  • Nadi Energy for Change


  • Level of Consciousness Score


  • Right Side/Left Brain/Creating
  • Left Side/Right Brain/Logical


  • San Jiao
  • Thyroid
  • Stomach
  • Spleen
  • Small Intestine
  • Reproductive
  • Pericardium
  • Pancreas
  • Lymphatic 
  • Liver
  • Lund
  • Large Intestine
  • Kidney
  • Heart
  • Gallbladder
  • Brain
  • Bladder Urinary
  • Inflammatory Score
  • Immune Defense


  • Primary Distortion
  • Level of Toxicity (Body)
  • Negative Decisions Taken (Karma)
  • External Influences (Destiny)


  • Root: provides the foundation on which we build our life representing, safety, security, and stability. (Imbalanced Attributes: Scattered energy, anxiety, and fear)
  • Sacral: represents creative and sexual energies. (Imbalanced Attributes: reproductive issues, withheld intimacy and emotional isolation.)
  • Solar Plexus: represents self-esteem, pleasure, will power and personal responsibility. (Imbalanced Attributed: low self-esteem, control issues and misuses of power)
  • Heart: represents love, self-love and governs all of our relationships. (Imbalanced Attributes: difficulty in relationships, depression, exhausted, and lack of discipline)
  • Throat: represents the ability to communicate clearly and effectively. (Imbalanced Attributes: shyness, being withdrawn, or arrogance.)
  • Third Eye: represents insight, intuition and driven by open-mindedness and imagination. (Imbalanced Attributes: Lack of direction and clarity.)
  • Crown: represents states of higher consciousness and connection with the divine source. (Imbalanced Attributes: Close mindedness, cynicism, disconnection with source and disregarding what is sacred)

Each of these chakras have a unique frequency and all frequencies carry a specific purpose (representation and attributes) for your well-being. Start to understand the spiritual and emotional aspects of your energy centers to begin to heal and grow as a more mature person.