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An elimination diet is an eating plan that omits a food or group of foods believed to cause an adverse food-reaction, often referred to as a "food intolerance" or "sensitivities". By removing these certain foods for a period and then reintroducing them during a "challenge" period, you can learn which foods are causing symptoms or making them worse.

We often think of food reactions as a rapid allergic reaction, such as when a person has anaphylactic reaction to eating peanuts, and their throat swells up. However, there are other ways our bodies can react to foods that may not be so immediate.

The slow progression of intolerance 'build-up' can slow down your body systems and organs. Food intolerances may also alter your mood, affect your thoughts, and not leave you feeling the greatest.

Experience has shown that combining these Quantum Feedback tests and elimination diets are two of the best tools for identifying food intolerances and giving you confidence making the CHOICE to eliminate that item

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