Food Sensitivity Test

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The Food Test provides a report of your body's reaction to a range of food categories, including grains, meats, fruits, and vegetables. This test identifies any energetic sensitivities that may be disrupting your bioenergetic health. By pinpointing these sensitivities, you gain valuable insights to make informed dietary choices, thereby aiding in the restoration of internal balance and overall well-being.

  1. Food Sample Report

Hair Collection Kit

Bioenergetic Testing

Practitioner Support

With our easy-to-use collection kit, you can conveniently collect the hair (or saliva) sample needed for our bioenergetic testing process. Once you have successfully registered the kit and shipped it back to our testing center, our team of experts will perform the bioenergetic analysis and compile your results.


Dina H.

Quick turnaround!

It was a quick turn around sooner than promised

Courtney H.

Insightful and helpful!

Excellent test. Very thorough and gives great insight into the body and how I can improve my health.

Rachel B.

Remedy Testing has been amazing

Remedy Testing has been amazing not only for my family but also for my patients. I highly recommend Remedy Testing!!

Andrea H.

Incredibly intuitive

Team is incredibly intuitive with their approach. They were spot on and I noticed instant relief. Highly recommend this service.

Nichole Q.

Great testing and customer service

I love using remedy testing on my self and my practice members! It is so insightful and a great tool to work towards better health.

Jeanne M.


I'm fairly new to Remedy Testing. The results me and my patients have experienced so far have been eye-opening and exciting. This tool has the ability to "peel back the layers of the onion" of healing like nothing else I've used. It allows the body to tell us what it needs. I'm looking forward to continued excellent outcomes for me and my patients!

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