New Client Collection Kit


Welcome to Remedy Testing!

Collect your hair or saliva sample, activate your kit, and submit it to our onsite testing facility. We use quantum response bioenergetic technology to scan in your hair or saliva sample and capture your unique bioenergetic signature. This unique signature stored in  our quantum processor is used to process all of your Remedy Test results as is good for processing up to date test results without submitting another sample. We will ship you a collection kit with everything you need.

Client Journey:

  • Activate: Scan the QR code on the inside of the collection kit and complete the online form with accurate client information for the person submitting their sample. 
  • Collect Hair Sample: Clients will trim a small hair sample and place into the sample baggy provided. (Alternatively you can submit a saliva sample)

  • Return: Clients will place the sample collection ziploc into the prepaid return poly mailer and will seal thoroughly, before dropping off at post office.

  • Get Results: Within 72 hours from the time a clients sample arrives at our onsite testing facility, we will generate any test results you request.


*This is a one time collection product. You will be shipped a product to the shipping address provided.