New Client Activation (PRE-ORDER)

$149.00 $399.00

New Client Activation

Clients will purchase this product directly from the provider. Providers will supply clients with the collection kit and instruct them on the collection process below. Providers hold stock of client activation kits, choose resell price and activate new clients to use our cutting edge quantum health testing services.


Be the first to place your order and receive the brand new kit branding, collection bags, QR code tracking, and client booklet. All orders will be fulfilled Sept. 1st - 30th


  • One-time collection kit +pre-paid return postage
  • Complete test results 72 hours after samples arrive

New Client Activation Process:

  • Activate: Scan the QR code on the inside and complete the online form with accurate client information for the person submitting their sample. *This will activate the client in your provider portal an initiate the first complete test to be run. 
  • Collect Hair Sample: Clients will trim a small hair sample and place into the sample baggy provided.
  • Return: Clients will place the sample collection baggy into the prepaid return poly mailer and will seal thoroughly, before. dropping off at post office.

Within 72 hours from the time a clients sample arrives at our onsite testing facility, we will generate the Complete Test results and submit this to the reports application. View sample PDF. 

Note: *This is a first time testing product only. All follow up testing does not require a client to purchase another collection kit or submit another sample. The provider training program will define how to place follow up testing orders.

If anything is confusing please reference your provider training or contact