Regimen Test

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The Regimen Test is a bioenergetic analysis of your sample that you are submitting following the instructions of our at-home collection kit. This test identifies key vitamins, herbs, and homeopathies to assist the body in achieving a state of balance. These natural remedies are sourced from reputable companies, including DesBio and Energetix, known for their dedication to quality and efficacy. Order your complete test, follow the instructions, and submit your sample using out at home collection kit.

    Collection Kit

    With our easy-to-use collection kit, you can conveniently collect the hair (or saliva) sample.

    Regimen-only Results

    Once your sample arrives at the testing center our team will update you via email.

    Practitioner Support

    A Certified Remedy Testing Practitioner will deliver your test results and provide you with any support.

    At Remedy Testing, our commitment to your holistic well-being extends to remedies, which include natural herbs, homeopathies, and natural supplements, are chosen based on their frequency match with your unique bioenergetic signature. This means that they align energetically with your body, providing a targeted and effective approach to restoring balance and vitality.

    These natural remedies are sourced from reputable companies, including DesBio and Energetix, known for their dedication to quality and efficacy. While these remedies may incur an additional fee, they are an integral part of your personalized wellness plan. They are designed to address the specific imbalances and root causes identified within your bioenergetic profile, complementing the holistic approach of bioenergetic testing.

    By recommending remedies that resonate with your body's energetic essence, we empower you to take charge of your health journey. These remedies are not merely supplements; they are frequency-matched companions on your path to vibrant health, ensuring that your well-being aligns harmoniously with your unique bioenergetic signature.



    The Regimen Test will recommend the top 4 supplements from DesBio and Energetix based on your energetic needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Dina H.

    Quick turnaround!

    It was a quick turn around sooner than promised

    Courtney H.

    Insightful and helpful!

    Excellent test. Very thorough and gives great insight into the body and how I can improve my health.

    Rachel B.

    Remedy Testing has been amazing

    Remedy Testing has been amazing not only for my family but also for my patients. I highly recommend Remedy Testing!!

    Andrea H.

    Incredibly intuitive

    Team is incredibly intuitive with their approach. They were spot on and I noticed instant relief. Highly recommend this service.

    Nichole Q.

    Great testing and customer service

    I love using remedy testing on my self and my practice members! It is so insightful and a great tool to work towards better health.

    Jeanne M.


    I'm fairly new to Remedy Testing. The results me and my patients have experienced so far have been eye-opening and exciting. This tool has the ability to "peel back the layers of the onion" of healing like nothing else I've used. It allows the body to tell us what it needs. I'm looking forward to continued excellent outcomes for me and my patients!

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