Complete Tests + Collection Kits (Practitioner Pricing)

$645.00 $1,995.00

This offer is available for practitioners only! 

Your Order Will Include: 

  • Quantity x5 collection kits and complete reports ($1,995 value) 
  • Quantity x10: collection kits and complete reports ($3,990 value)
  • Quantity x20: collection kits and complete reports ($7,980 value)
  • Quantity x30: collection kits and complete reports ($11,970 value)

We will ship you a physical collection kit for every test that is ordered and it will have an ID card that verifies a complete test. You are able to use, resell or hold these tests as stock.

Complete Tests ($399 Value) are the most comprehensive health results that offers to provide insight into 7 areas of the bio-field. The 7 areas are: spiritual insight, chakras, organs, food sensitivities, nutrition, hormone, and toxins.

Best Uses:

  1. Get a test for you
  2. Get a test for a family or friend
  3. Resell and markup 75% through own POS
  4. Hold as stock
  5. Use for holiday specials at your office